About Inovexiq’s, Corporate Training Services

Inovexiq is an Online/Physical Training for the Businesses/Corporate Companies across the Globe. Inovexiq assist in providing the right knowledge sharing through the Inovexiq Coachings.

Anyone across the World can gain the right knowledge and skills they require through our online learning platform. Inovexiq would like to bring the world of knowledge to the reach of every Individuals based on their passion for the learnings.

Inovexiq transforms the life of the professional by bringing the best possible talent and skills out of the professional through the world of Knowledge Sharing. Inovexiq has done a complete ground research on the technology implementation for the skill enhancements of the Professionals. Virtual training is the best possible way where anyone across the Globe can learn any skills from any best mentors who can share their best knowledge.

Inovexiq also has the customized training solution for the businesses and the Corporate Companies.

Inovexiq’s, Competency Technical Training and Softskills Training

The Training Solution for the Soft skills Training, Technical Training, Skill enhancements, Language Training are a few of them. Inovexiq connects with almost 90% of the Businesses, Startup Companies, Mid-Size Companies, Corporates for their Customized Training Needs.

Our Inovexiq’s Tailor-made Solution bring out the best possible Skill Training Modules for the Professionals. Our Curated Inovexiq’s Content gives the Organization to boost the power to develop the inhouse expertise.

Inovexiq’s Program Features

  • Online Training Solutions
  • Offline Physical Training Solutions
  • Customized Training Solutions
  • Flexible Team Size for the training modules
  • Hands on Training
  • Use of the Inovexiq’s Customized Learning Resources

Every Organization should strive to be on the Cutting Edge by frequently updating the trainings needs and Solutions required for every employees of the Organization.

  • Offer Real-World Experience with hands on training that they can utilize the skill in real world.
  • Provide Immediate Feedback for the training needs. Give Employees the Just-In-Time Resources
  • They Require to hone their Skills. Facilitate Practical Knowledge Application with the Disruptive technology.
  • Identify Areas for Improvement for every Employees. Personalize the Online Training Experience Create an Online Learning Community for Ongoing Performance Support Allow Employees to Provide Direct Input on the Feedback of the Training Provided.

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College Training Services by Inovexiq

Inovexiq provides an extensive Placement training plays a major role in shaping up the career goals of students. It is the dream of every college student to get placed in a top organization visiting their campus for recruitment

  • To recognize and Improve the core competencies of the students.
  • To train the students to meet the expectations of the industry through our Career Development Programmes.
  • To build confidence in students and develop right attitude in them
  • To enhance their communication skills of the Students

Training Activities

  • Create awareness about “career planning” and “career mapping” among the students.
  • Equip the student with life skills and empower the Students
  • Train the students on “Personality development”.
  • Organize Various Training Programmes to train the students in the areas of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal reasoning through the reputed external training organizations and in-house trainers.
  • Train the students through Mock Interviews to perform well in the professional interviews as per the expectations of the corporate world.
  • Train the students on group discussion techniques
  • Conduct online tests and written aptitude tests.

School Training Services by Inovexiq

Inovexiq provides an Extensive Training to the School Students such as Social skills, Empathy, Patience, Public speaking, Time management, Customer service, Project management, Leadership, Emotional intelligence, Critical thinking. Our Inovexiq Trainers will encourage the practical training with the number of Workshops to encourage the School Students.

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