About Inovexiq’s, Recruitment Services

Inovexiq is a global provider of HR Recruitment, Staffing, Corporate Training services. Inovexiq having the head office in Coimbatore, India with supporting the companies across the Globe in the Recruitment, Staffing & Training Services, has a legacy of over a number of years in the Indian and International job market, Inovexiq is today one of the leading players in the Indian recruitment ecosystem having a great expertise in the Technical Hiring, Sales & Marketing, Retail Segment Industry, Manufacturing Sector Etc

We believe in combining our passion for people with smart investments in intelligent technology to help organizations and talent realize their true potential. Amidst the raging fight for top-notch talent, organizations are realizing the heightened need for employer branding – for both their current as well as future employees.

Inovexiq provides a full range of solutions including contractual staffing and permanent staffing in the areas of Engineering, Technology, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Manufacturing Logistics, Sales and Marketing.

Many Companies are expanding their focus from customer experience to employee experience. Employer brand not only portrays an image of the company, but also shines the spotlight on your differentiators such as a great work environment, unique culture, and opportunities for growth for your employees. According to glassdoor research, 71% of active job seekers are more likely to apply for a company that has an active and engaging employer brand. Clearly, a strategic approach to building your brand can help boost your recruitment and retention efforts.

About Inovexiq’s, Contractual Staffing Services

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Inovexiq is an Online/Physical Training for the Customers and the Businesses/Corporate Companies across the Globe. Inovexiq assist in providing the right knowledge sharing through the Corporate Training Online and Offline Training Programs.

Anyone across the World can gain the right knowledge and skills they require through our learning programs. Inovexiq would like to bring the world of knowledge to the reach of every Individuals based on their passion for the learnings.

Inovexiq transforms the life of the professional by bringing the best possible talent and skills out of the professional through the world of Knowledge Sharing. Inovexiq has done a complete ground research on the technology implementation for the skill enhancements of the Professionals. Virtual training is the best possible way where anyone across the Globe can learn any skills from any best mentors who can share their best knowledge.

About Inovexiq’s, Corporate Training Services

For today’s aspiring professional’s workplace culture is increasingly important when considering career opportunities. In fact, all the pillars of an effective employer brand strategy rest on your organization’s work culture. Providing an environment that is friendly, engaging and where people feel valued is more important than ever to creating a powerful employer brand.

It is not just one team or channel that makes or breaks a good employer brand strategy. It is a combination of all aspects that impact employee experience. More importantly, recognize that employer branding is dynamic. Once you have created a successful employer brand, you cannot afford to rest on your laurels. Monitor adjust and deploy new initiatives as needed to stay relevant to evolving employee requirements.

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